My C2C Bike

This is my custom made Independent Fabrication titanium bike that I used for ultra marathon races. My local bike shop converted it to a long distance touring bike for the coast to cost ride by shortening the cranks and installing a new drive train to make it much easier to climb in the mountains.

Thinking/planning a ride across the US

  1. August 2017: i mentioned to the OBX Silver Riders that I was seriously considering riding across the US. I had planned to do this in 2016 at age 76, but cancelled when my wife Margie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Rita Ayers, the fastest senior cyclist lady in the Outer Banks aged 66. said she would join me. She is a remarkable lady who had had MS for more than a decade, but refuses to let the disease rule her life. Subsequently, while in phy therapy following knee surgery I was chatting with Jim Ebert, also a senior, who was having PT following a partial knee replacement, who said he would join us.

2. On 2 October we committed to riding with the tour group Bubba’s Pampered Peddlers from San Diego, CA beginning on 3/3/2018 to St. Augustine, FL arriving 4/23/2018 where Bubba’s tour ends, but Rita & I plan to continue riding, supported by her significant other David.

Distances: San Diego to St. Aug: 2,933 miles

St. Aug to our OuterBanks Homes: 655 miles