My Story

I am a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant of 77 who over the past 34 years has been profoundly impacted by the scrounge of cancer.  My first wife passed away from ovarian cancer as did my second wife. My sister, a USAF officer, RN, and mother of 2 small sons passed away of breast cancer at age 35. My best friend and his wife passed away from bladder and pancreatic cancers,  I often wonder why them and not me.

I know first hand how very important, even essential that cancer victims, their caregivers, and families be helped during (and after) their fight against the disease.  The help they’re given takes several forms:  financial, logistic, transportation, and as importantly help with everyday tasks such as shopping, bathing, and providing comfort.

In the Outer Banks (Dare and Currituck Counties, North Carolina) two non-profit organizations provide superb help to victims and their families:

-Hands of Hope

-Interfaith Community Outreach

Cancer victims and families not only suffer the trauma of the disease but are often financially ruined by it.  These two organizations provide a variety of different types of help, but are dependent on fund drives and donations to provide that help.  If you are a resident of either county please consider making a donation to one or both organizations; and if you are financially able also consider making a donation to the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS) for many decades has been assisting cancer victims and their families, and leading the fight to find cures for this terrible disease. The Society has many partners in this fight but it too is heavily dependent on fundraising and donations.

Beginning March 3rd, 2018 I will be riding my bicycle across the US, a ride of nearly 3,600 miles, dedicated to the memories of those I’ve lost with the fervent hope that residents of the Outer Banks will make a donation to one or both of the two Outer Banks non-profits.  Hopefully, non-Outer Banks residents will consider making a donation to the ACS to help its great mission.

Please donate an amount that you’re comfortable with according to your means. I can guarantee you the reader will become a cancer victim, or a caregiver,  or will lose a loved one or a dear friend to cancer.  The help you give now may well benefit you or your loved ones at some future date.